About Mitch

About Mitch

Mitch Reems as Elwood in the Blues Power Review

For years, Mitch Reems has been an active and electrifying presence in the Pacific Northwest music scene. Most people know him from more than 35 years singing with the New Blues Brothers, and most recently with Rich Wetzel's GHO and drumming with the Teddy Dortch Trio.

They coined the term "front man" specifically for performers of Mitch's caliber.  He's where he belongs -- out front and center -- fulfilling his destiny to rock and shock his audience, to hold them hostage with his growls, yelps, & full-tilt screams, and then pull them back from the edge of a musical precipice with a more calming croon or the light-hearted lyric of a soulful pop hit.  When all is said and done, there is no doubt in the minds of the audience about who was in charge.

Mitch performing with Rich Wetzel's Groovin' Higher Orchestra

In addition to his musical prowess, he has also been an active volunteer in the community, especially with the local Crime Stoppers, and for any of us who know him, truly a personality that touches so many.

He was recently diagnosed with, and is undergoing treatments for stage four large B-cell non-hodgkins lymphoma. Though he is fighting hard and responding well to the treatments, medical bills are piling up. We've set up this website to allow those who would like to help out to donate money to the fund that we've set up to help with the medical expenses.

Benefit Show
Come to the benefit show at Stonegate on Jan. 11th
Help Out

How Can You Help?

Wells Fargo Bank

We've set up an account at Wells Fargo, called the "Mitch Reems Donation Fund", where anyone that wants to help out can walk into any Wells Fargo branch and donate money to help his family pay for the mounting medical bills. Every little bit helps, and the family truly appreciates all of your kindness and support.

If you wish to donate online, you can click the "Donate" button on this site to donate via credit card or Paypal.

Mitch enthralling his little fans

Also, friends and family of Mitch are having a party and get together with him and all his friends on January 11th at Stonegate in Tacoma as a fund raiser to help Mitch and his family with medical and other expenses. The show will feature a silent auction and performances by Rich Wetzel's Groovin' Higher Orchestra with Mitch, as well as his daughter's band, Champagne Sunday. All proceeds will go toward helping to pay for Mitch's medical bills.